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1. The club shall be called “The Carleton Bowling Club”


2. The objects of the club are to promote the game of bowls and to provide facilities for recreation.


3. The club shall be governed and managed by 3 Trustees in conjunction with the Governing Committee. Nominations for new Trustees shall be pro-posed and seconded in writing by two members who have been members to not less than two years and such nominations handed to the Secretary not less than 28 days prior The AGM.. Each nominee shall have at least 15 years continuous membership of the club and served a minimum of two terms of office on the Governing Committee.


4. The Governing Committee shall be elected at and by the AGM and shall comprise the Club President, Treasurer and 6 members. The Governing Committee to elect the Chairman within the Governing Committee


5.  Three members of the Governing Committee and the Trustees shall retire therefore after three years in turn, and shall be eligible for re-election at the AGM.


6.  The President and Treasurer shall be elected for one year at each AGM.


7. No member shall be eligible for election to the Governing Committee unless he or she has, been a member of not less than two years at the time of nomination and he or she should be proposed and seconded in writing by two other members of at least two years standing and to be nominated at least 28 days before the AGM.. All such nominations shall be posted on the club notice board for at least Seven days prior to such meeting. In the event of there being more than one nomination for an office/position the election shall be by ballot.


8. Should a vacancy arise during the year on the Governing Committee the position would be filled by that person polling the next highest number of votes at the previous AGM. or failing that the post shall be left vacant until the next AGM.


9. A list of Officers and Committee members shall be placed in a prominent position in the club. A list of members of the club shall be available at all times.


10.  Proposals for life membership. A General meeting only shall have the power to elect Hon life members, or Hon Members on such terms as may from time to time be fixed.


11. The President and Trustees together with anyone else who can make a positive contribution, will select and recommend to the Governing Committee the appointment of a new Manager.


12. Any complaints shall be made in writing to the Club Manager, who shall bring it to the notice of the Governing Committee


13. The Governing Committee shall have power to appoint various sub committees and may co-opt any member of the club to serve on such committees.


14. Any member of the Governing Committee or Trustee absenting himself / herself from three executive meetings (except through illness or other such acceptable reason) shall automatically cease to serve on the Committee. (Rule 8 would apply).


15. The Governing Committee may make such By-Laws as they consider necessary and their authority shall be paramount in all cases until overborne by a resolution passed at the General Meeting.


16. At all meetings of the Governing Committee five shall form “A Quorum” comprising a minimum of 1 Trustee, the Treasurer, three elected members and the Club Manager (although only if there is no conflict of interest).


17. The Governing Committee and not less than two Trustees shall have full power to enter into any tenancy or other agreements which in their opinions would be for the ultimate benefit of the club. They shall have full power to undertake and enter into all such trading and financial operations which in their opinions are necessary for the operation of the club’s activities. If for any reason whatsoever the club’s funds and assets become insufficient to meet the club’s normal debts and liabilities then the responsibility or such debts and liabilities shall fall equally on all members.


18. The Club Manager shall pay into such banks as the Committee may direct. To the credit of the club, all monies received. The Club Manager shall submit a statement of the financial affairs of the club prior to the AGM, such statement having previously been certified as correct by the clubs Accountants


19. The Club Manager shall keep proper minutes of all meetings. He/she will summon all regular meetings of the club or Governing Committee together with any emergency or Extra-ordinary meetings which may be called by a Quorum of the committee as defined under Rule 16.


20. The Club Manager shall post a copy of the financial Statement on the club notice board at least seven days before the AGM. He/She shall also enroll members and give all notices required by the rules.


21. The election of members shall be in the hands of the Governing Committee. Candidates for membership must be duly proposed and seconded by two members of the club of not less than two years of standing. The form will show the name and address of the Candidate together with the names of both proposer and seconder and will be posted on the club notice board at least seven days before the meeting of the Governing Committee to which their nomination is to be submitted. Candidates may be required to appear before the Governing Committee and cannot be elected other than by a majority of those present and voting.


22. Payment by the applicant of any joining fee shall be made on application of membership. Those persons accepted for membership after 1 July in any year shall be charged 50% of the Annual Subscription


23. All entrance fees, subscriptions, bowling fees and any other dues as shall in future be fixed by the Governing Committee, shall become operative from the first day of January, and expire on the 31st of December. Such fees shall be due to be paid no later than the 31st January, otherwise, membership will lapse.


24. All members shall inform the Club Manager of any change of address.


25. No members vote shall be valid, nor may they compete for any prize unless his/her annual subscription and all other arrears due by him/her are paid.


26. No person shall be eligible for election as a full member until he/she has attained the age of Eighteen years.


27. Country members. Classified as residing outside a 17 mile radius of Carleton for a minimum period of 9 months in any calendar year, may be admitted on such terms and conditions as the Governing Committee may decide. Such members shall take no part in the management of the club except by special consent by the Governing Committee.


28. Any visitor other than a person exempted by a club bye-law or visiting on an occasion when members of the general public admitted shall not be introduced to the club any more than three times in total without making application and being accepted as a member.


29 The names of visitors must be entered in the visitor's book and only two visitors may be introduced by any one member on any day. The Club Manager, Dedicated Person, or members of the Governing Committee shall deal with any visitor and/or member not complying with the entrance rules member’s infringements being liable to further action by the Governing Committee


30. Temporary membership may be offered by the Governing Committee on terms and conditions as they may decide but such members shall take no part in the management of the club except by special consent of the Governing Committee.


31. Any member observed to be in breach of the rules or guilty of misconduct can be suspended by an elected official committee member, Club Manager or Dedicated Person pending consideration of the Governing Committee


32. Any member who, in the opinion of the Governing Committee, after due consideration, has been guilty of any misconduct or who, from any cause, is deemed unsuitable or ineligible to continue as a member of the club and will have their membership revoked.


33. Any member or visitor to the club who shall take away, mutilate, or destroy any article belonging to the club, shall replace or make good the same and legal action may be taken.


34. Games of chance e.g. - poker/brag/pontoon etc. will only be allowed for small stakes.


35. Dogs, except guide dogs, shall not be allowed in the club nor on the green under any circumstances but will be allowed on the perimeter of the green whilst on a lead and under strict control.


36. The club shall be open within the terms of the Licensing Laws.


37. The Governing Committee shall have power to open or close the Bowling Green and to allow or refuse the use of the club premises and property to members at such times as they may think fit and on special occasions Presidents Day, etc. - to make a charge for admittance and any other special charge for any occasion.


38. The AGM shall be held in March/April for the passing of the Balance Sheet, the election of Officers and other general business. The Club Manager shall put a notice on the notice board 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.


39. Propositions for alterations or additions to the rules must be notified in writing, duly seconded, to the Club Manager and displayed on the club notice board by the 31st January preceding the AGM. in order that any member responses can be considered by the Governing Committee prior to the AGM.  Rule changes which are agreed at an AGM. will come into effect immediately.


40. Special General Meetings, of which seven days’ notice shall be given, may be called when found necessary by the Governing Committee, or on request, in writing, sent to the Club Manager and signed by not less than 10% of members. Such requests must set forth the business to be submitted, which must be properly proposed and seconded. On receipt of a proper requisition calling for a General Meeting, it or a copy of it, shall, as soon as possible be posted on the Club notice board and the Governing Committee shall fix a date for such a meeting as soon as convenient before the expiration of 28 days from the posting of the requisition. Any proposed amendment to such a motion shall be sent in writing to the Club Manager, duly proposed and seconded, at least three days before the date of the meeting and it shall at once he posted on the Club notice board. Any motion or amendment brought forward by the Committee shall be considered to be in order and as duly proposed and seconded. Only motions or amendments which have complied with these rules shall be submitted to the meeting.


41.  A motion or amendment except as provided for in Rule 16, involving the alteration or amendment of a Rule, or the enactment of a new rule can only be submitted to a General Meeting and requires a 2/3rds majority of persons voting.


42. The whole of the rules and by-laws where they apply, shall he applicable to all members and visitors of the club.


43. No children under the age of 14 years should be present within the club after 9pm unless by special permission of the Governing Committee or at a special event so authorized by the committee.


44. All children on the premises under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.


45. Members will be held responsible for the conduct of their children and any children visiting the premises as their guests. This is applicable to both the club house and the grounds, including the bowling green.


46. Junior Bowlers i.e. of 10 years of age and above should be accompanied or supervised on the green by an adult.



47. Members and visitors will be expected to dress smart/casual in the evenings.


48. The interpretation of these rules shall be a matter for the committee.


49. Any person coming into the club and found to be wearing clothing that appear to be DIRTY or SOILED will be refused service and you will be asked to leave the club.


50. Bad language WILL NOT be tolerated within the club. Members or their guests using bad language will be asked to leave the premises.


51. The signing in of visiting teams and their supporters will be an exception to the normal entrance rules and may be undertaken by the visiting team captain in consultation with the home team captain.


52. Members will be required to conform to any notices posted within the club.


53. In the interest of good relations with the occupants of neighboring properties, members are required, particularly around the hours of closing to maintain standards of behavior which will not reflect badly on the reputation of the club.


54. With regard to private functions the Organizer will be liable for their guests.


55. The club will conform to the Child Protection Act.


56. Junior members who cause damage or misbehave whilst in the club will have their membership revoked and will not be allowed back into the club.


57. Any new by-laws introduced by the Governing Committee (i.e. as set out in Rule 16) shall be either formerly adopted and incorporated, or alternatively abandoned at the AGM subsequent to their inception.






1. Previous members of the club cannot be signed in.

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